Film & Screenwriting

Chas first began his creative writing primarily through screenwriting and fan fiction, fusing the two practices with a number of scripts concerning the fictional universe populated by Batman and his cast of characters from DC Comics. Since then, Chas has worked on a number of original projects spanning multiple mediums. One of his several passions to this day is film.

The following link is to the full final draft of Chas’ Batman screenplay, “The Death Count,” from 2008:

“The Death Count” – Final Screenplay (Summer 2008)

The following is to a short film written and directed by Chas in 2014:

“Dial D” (Chas Blankenship, 2014)


“Dial D” is a ten minute black and white silent film. Equal parts gangster procedural and comedy of errors, the short evokes the slapstick antics of Looney Tunes within a familiar crime drama setting to present a morbidly charming tale of misadventures concerning a by-the-books cleaner sent in to tidy up after a gangland hit.

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